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4-Panel Shutter Room Divider - Natural

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$239.99 USD
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$239.99 USD
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$239.99 USD
The room divider is a convenient, economic, decorative, and impermanent wall for your space that provides visual screening between rooms or divides a large room into smaller areas.

It can provide you privacy where you need it but where you don't want to build a wall. A room divider can also clearly section off a space, adding functionality to your home without the need for the construction of walls.


  • Totally Transform A Space - A room divider gives the complete sense of separation that you need to create space without renovations. It’s a cheaper option free of mess and inconvenience.
  • Wooden Screen - Wooden divider is exceptionally sturdy and requires very little maintenance. A lot of wooden divider is used even 20, 50, and in some cases 100 years after they were made.
  • Adjustable Shutters - Consisting of a frame with louvres that move in unison, you can switch between opaque and translucent.
  • Two-Way Hinges - 360° rotation hinge means the room divider can be folded or unfolded in any forms you want.
  • Easy to Operate - A straightforward, functional room divider that will work well in various scenario. The lightweight material is making it easy to move around your space.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain - Wipe with a damp cloth, the room divider will be looked like brand new.


Color Natural
Material Wood
Product height 68.5 in
Product length 72.0 in
Product weight 20.5 lb
Product width 1 in
Foldable Yes
Style Shutter Door