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Office Chair w/Separated Seat Back

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$249.99 USD
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$249.99 USD
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$249.99 USD
Are you someone who spends a minimum of 6 hours a day at your work desk? Do you usually experience some kind of pain in your back, shoulders and neck after leaving from work? Then maybe you need to change the chair you're using.

Our computer chair is designed to provide the comfort and convenience you need in an office. It provices complete rest to the main structures of your body that are easily prone to stress wihle working.


  • Ergonomic Seat Shell - A gentle curvature guides you toward the middle for a healthy sitting posture. The firm lumbar support helps your iliac crest and relieves your back even during long gaming sessions.
  • Perfect Comfort and Support - The upholstery foam is formulated to be medium-firm which is the optimal balance for that gentle, cradling feel. Engineered for even weight distribution and pressure relief.
  • Rocking Mechanism - To adjust the rocking controller under the seat will meet your posture demands and re-engineer hydraulics provides up to 250 lbs load capacity and sets your feet flat on the ground in a smooth way.
  • Breathable Material - Both the seat and back are made of mesh, which allows air circulation between your body and the both chair seat and back even during the long summer days.
  • Adjustable Height Armrest - The lift-up armrest allows you to adjust the height of the arm support point. That is a good adjustable armrest should be in the correct position under the arm when needed and yet should not hinder the movement of the chair, especially under the desk, when not needed.
  • Easy Maintenance - Mesh chairs are very easy for cleaning the spills from the mesh by a vacuum cleaner. A space like an office would always need such furniture that can be easily maintained and kept clean.


Material Mesh Seat
Product height 46.5 in
Product length 24.0 in
Product weight 34.61 lb
Product width 26.0 in
Ajustable height 18.0" to 21.5" (Seat Height)
Armrest Adjustable Height
Load capacity Up to 250 lb
Rocking 95°-125°