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7 Ft Adjustable Height Portable Basketball Hoop

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Whether you plan to shoot hoops for fun, play competitive games of 3-on-3, or practice team drills, MoNiBloom will help you decide which hoop is right for you. Acrylic transparent basketball board with unique bracket design is matched with shock-absorbing bumper of the basket are great for beginning to intermediate players. They can be a great long-term option through childhood.

There are different sized backboards that cater to players at different levels. For kids, 33-inch backboards provide a great foundation for learning the game. Also, MoNiBloom 43-inch backboards are excellent for kids and young players learning to shoot.

MoNiBloom basketball hoop can be adjusted the height. The biggest advantage of height adjustment is having a hoop that grows with the player. As they develop their skills, they can raise the hoop and continuously challenge themselves to improve.

From pick-up games to shooting competitions, this hoop will be a hit with everyone who plays. This system is the perfect residential portable basketball system.


  • 5-Level Adjustable Height - The telescoping poles can adjust the height from around 5 to 7 ft between the rim and ground. The adjustable basketball hoop can fit diverse needs of different age groups, who are able to enjoy basketball no matter their body shape or size.
  • Portable Wheeled Base - Built-in two wheels in front of the base, the wheelbarrow design is for easy lifting and rolling. We suggest you infuse water or sand into the base to make sure stability and safety.
  • Solid Steel Rim - The 15-inch diameter rim with brace support secures with 4 reinforced screws on the backboard, which bring you safe playing.
  • All-Weather Nylon Mesh - The high-tension nylon mesh features strong rain and sunshine resistance even being placed outside for a long time.
  • High-Density Acrylic Backboard - Acrylic is a softer material when a rock or other hard object was thrown at an acrylic backboard, which will more than likely just bounce off with little to no damage.
  • Substantial Frame - This frame is made of strong steel, which is safe enough for a highly competitive play.


Material Acrylic/Steel/Plastic
Adjustable height floor to rim 5 Section Adjustable Height & Portable
5.0 ft - 7.0 ft
Backboard size (L)33.0 in (W)23.0 in
Base capacity 11.0 gal
Base size (L)18.0 in (W)30.0 in (H)5.0 in
Rim diameter 15.0 in
Skill level Beginner