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4-Wheeled Folding Hand Truck w/ Telescoping Base - Black/Silver

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The telescoping platform cart is made of aluminum alloy reinforced bracket. They come in great use for where carrying heavy items manually over longer distances would be unsafe or strenuous on your body. You'll notice that the foldable hand truck dolly has a simple design so you and your team can use it straight away with minimal training. You can expect most versions to follow the design of a flat platform with four wheels and a fixed handle which is used to either push or pull the platform and the load it's carrying. The easy-to-use hand tolly is foldable so that you can store them with ease when not in use to avoid any increased chances of hazards or having them take up unnecessary floor space. Transporting heavy or uneven material manually can be a challenging task which is where having one of these can help as they are there to make the transportation process easy and safer for you, your team, and anyone else moving items on your site. The wheels on it allow for a smooth transportations process as long as there are not any obstructions in the surrounding area so you can move items around your floor space with ease.


  • Durable Material - This item is made of durable material which won't rust and lost strength when it is exposed to sun or rain due to its strength of heat-treated to obtain good physical properties and corrosion resistant.
  • Extended the Platform to Load More of Cargo - The push cart base plate can be adjustable to different size. Allows you to move more and up to 331 lbs items.
  • Swivel Wheels for More Flexible Operation - Easily control the hand trolly with 360° rotating wheels, as well as navigating tight corners and spaces.
  • Brake with Your Feet and Free Your waist - Brakes are an important component of heavy-duty caster wheels. As a back up to operator strength and to reduce strain, they can be used to slow and stop a cart. And they can help prevent carts or racks from moving unexpectedly, preventing both damage to the product and injury to employees.
  • 4 Corners Bumper Protect Against Bumps and Scratches. - The four corners of the cart are protected by anti-collision strip, which reduces the damage to the cart from collisions during use and makes the cart more durable.


Color Black/Silver
Material Aluminum Alloy
Product height 37.8 in
Product length 28.0 in
Product weight 17.6 lb
Product width 16.5 in
Folding size 8.7 in*20.9 in*16.5 in (L*W*H)
Load capacity 331 lb
Wheel Rigid Caster (Front Wheel)
360°, w/Brake (Rear Wheel)